Partnership Matters

Partnership Matters

The thematic review

A special section looking at the recent review, with your comments, opinions and perspectives

Issue 1 / Winter 2016

In October 2016 we published an independent review of homicides involving people known to Sussex Partnership. This is something we’d commissioned jointly with NHS England.

For this issue of our newsletter, we wanted to capture different perspectives from people about the review, what it tells us and what we need to do about it. And we wanted to give people the opportunity to be candid and unedited.

You might whole heartedly agree with some of what’s said. And you may completely disagree with other points. These are personal perspectives, and the point of publishing them here is to continue the conversation we need have about using the thematic review to help improve services for patients and families

If you’d like to share your views about any of the pieces you read here then please email us at 

Do let us know if you’re happy for us to publish your thoughts in our next issue, anonymously or with your name included (which is entirely up to you). We won’t be able to publish everything, but we’ll use as many of your contributions as we can.

And if you use social media, let us know what you think on Twitter using the hashtag #SussexPartnership.

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Our stories

The patient

Fiona has been a patient in acute mental health care. Here she talks about her own experience.

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The journalist

Michael Buchanan is the BBC’s Social Affairs Correspondent. You can find him on Twitter @BBCMBuchanan

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The non-executive director

Anne Beales brings her experience from the third sector and having used mental health services to her role as non-executive director at Sussex Partnership.

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The carer govenor

“I’m so glad that Sussex Partnership decided to carry out the review. It shows that we have nothing to hide. It shows that we are honest and open, and we’re not afraid of being so.”

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The clinical director

As one of our clinical directors for adult services in West Sussex Dr Brian Solts, clinical psychologist, has oversight of community teams, crisis care and hospital teams.

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The carer

"I saw the coverage of the report on the news and the first thing I felt was just so sad. Not just for the victims and their families, although of course it must have been indescribably traumatic for them, but also for the service users and their families. They had all been let down."

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