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Trust disability access

Involvement and the Research Network

What is involvement?

Involvement in research is more than participation in a study. The aim is to include the expertise of people with a lived experience in each stage of the research process, from design through to reporting of findings.

This can be consultative, eg, setting up advisory groups or collaborative, eg, lived experience specialists as co-applicants or co-facilitators. We would like everyone to get involved in our research so that it can be most effective:

How can the people who use or services and carers get involved?

If you are a user of our services or a carer of someone who uses our services and you are interested in research, then we would like you to sign up to our Research Network. Once a member you will receive regular updates about research going on within the Trust and opportunities for you to get involved.

To hear what people who have signed up to the Research Network have to say about it, play the video below.

How can our staff get involved?

Our staff can support the research culture within the Trust by:

  • Promoting research within your team
  • Assisting our research assistants and research nurses to recruit participants into studies
  • Promoting the Research Network to people who use our services and encouraging them to sign up
  • Taking part in studies that explore staff
  • Attending our regular events to find out about new research and how studies influence practice.

How can the Research and Development department help you?

We are committed to:

  • Disseminating research findings to all who could benefit from the outcomes so that research can influence practice
  • Supporting staff to develop research ideas
  • Supporting researchers to develop meaningful lived experience involvement in the design of their research methods
  • Supporting researchers to apply for research funding
  • Supporting researchers through the research approvals process
  • Providing networking opportunities to make sure research is meaningful and influences practice within the Trust
  • Ensuring all people who use our service have equal opportunities to take part in and learn from the research going on in the Trust.