Safe staffing

We are committed to provide a safe service to our patients. A safe service is good, but unless patient experience is positive, it cannot be regarded as being high quality. We cannot do this without having the right staff in the right place where it is needed to achieve a safe level of staffing to support the recovery of people who use our services.

What we are doing

We use e-rostering to support our matrons and senior nurses to manage our workforce and resources effectively by making right decisions about staffing capacity and capability.

The complex mental health needs of patients often vary. When people are very unwell, we may need more staff to support them. When this happens the senior nurses undertake regular assessments to ensure the wards are staffed safely. There is a process for staff to escalate any concerns regarding staffing levels using the staffing concern form and the ‘decision tree’ to support them in decision making.

We also have a poster displayed in each ward, for patients and visitors, showing planned and actual staffing level for each shift, as well as the name of the nurse in charge and the matron responsible for the service.

Staffing reports

We publish staffing levels information for all our inpatient units as part of the national requirement for hospitals to be transparent and open about their service from the findings of the Francis report.

Safe staffing report: June 2017

Safe staffing report: May 2017

Safe staffing report: April 2017

Safe staffing report: March 2017

Safe staffing report: February 2017

Safe staffing report: January 2017

It is vital that we are able to set the right staffing establishment/level in all our services despite the complexity and challenges it presents. Our report on staffing capability and capacity was submitted to the Trust Board in May 2016.

We recognised the importance of the safety of our staffing level and skill mix, and have supported some of our dementia wards with extra staffing establishment levels. We will review our nursing establishment/level twice a year to continue our commitment for safe staffing levels.

Any questions?

If you would like more information about our staffing levels contact Diane Hull, Chief Nurse: or call 0300 304 0100.

If you have any concerns about staffing levels on any of our wards and wish to speak to someone, you can contact the ward manager or alternatively contact PALS on 0300 304 2198.

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