Sussex and East Surrey Sustainability and Transformation Plan

The East Surrey and Sussex Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) will set  out how NHS and social care services across the whole Sussex and East Surrey will work together to sustain and improve health and care for patients. 

Our STP is one of 44 which have been set up across the country, as part of national NHS plans. It will be delivered through work within three smaller geographical areas: Coastal West Sussex, Central Sussex and East Surrey, and East Sussex.

As part of its work, the East Surrey and Sussex STP is looking at how mental health is funded, planned and provided in our local area and how we can bring physical and mental health care more closely together for patient benefit. 

It will help determine how the voluntary sector, local authorities and NHS can work better together to meet the needs of the patients, carers, families and local communities we serve and will help us develop options about what we could to do improve things for our local population within the resources we have available.

Find out more by reading the FAQs below and see the results of research that shows people with mental health problems in Sussex and East Surrey live up to 20 years less than the general population here.