About the Voices Clinic

Sussex Voices Clinic aims to improve understandings of voice-hearing experiences and enhance the effectiveness of therapy. It’s designed to cross diagnostic and service boundaries to improve access to innovative evidence-based therapies for patients distressed by hearing voices.

The clinic is available to patients in a growing number of Assessment and Treatment Services who hear distressing voices. All patients who come to the clinic are offered high-quality evidence-based therapies, consistent with NICE guidelines. Therapies are tailored to individual needs and include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness, in both individual and group formats. 

Patients receiving therapy will continue to receive their usual care from their Assessment and Treatment Service and will also be given the opportunity to find out about and take part in research studies to help improve the quality of therapy interventions we offer. 

“When people hear distressing voices we need to talk to them about these experiences. What voices say often reflects core issues in people's lives and we need to pay attention to these issues. Over the past twenty years we've developed a number of psychological therapies to help people to respond differently to their voices. It's important that these therapies are available to as many patients as possible because they can reduce distress and enhance the quality of their lives by helping people to see themselves differently.” Dr Mark Hayward.