The assessment process

A few weeks before we are able to see you, we will send you an appointment letter with some questionnaires to be completed.

The assessment can take up to three hours. We follow NICE guidance for assessment. We complete a comprehensive assessment that asks about features of Autism throughout your life, your educational and work history and your physical and mental health. An important part of the assessment is to take a developmental history so it is helpful if we can talk to someone who knew you as a child, such as a parent. This person can attend the assessment with you, or we can contact them after the appointment by phone or email (please note that we will only do this with your agreement).

You are welcome to bring anything else that helps you feel comfortable and relaxed. Some people like to bring sensory items or familiar objects.

We usually complete an assessment in one session. Sometimes we may need to meet with you again and another professional from the team to complete a further specialist assessment with you. When we have enough information we can finish our assessment. We will tell you what we think and why. This may not happen on the same day that you have your assessment.

After your assessment

Once your assessment is completed the report usually takes about four weeks to be written. 

The report will be sent to you and your GP, and will also be uploaded to the Trust secure clinical notes system. This means that clinicians in Sussex Partnership who are involved in your care will know about the assessment and what the outcome was


We are getting an increasing number of requests for further evidence in support of benefit claims or for educational plans etc. Unfortunately we have had to take the very difficult decision that we are unable to provide future supportive correspondence. We understand that this is frustrating but the number of demands is starting to impact upon our ability to provide assessments, which is our priority. You are able to submit a copy of your assessment report with any claim or application, now or in the future.

For further information

If you have any questions you can ask them at any appointment or by emailing us at:

West Sussex:

East Sussex/Brighton and Hove: