Board meetings

Meetings of the board of directors are held in public - a full list of meeting dates is available here

Papers for each board meeting will be available to download below and copies will be available at the meeting. We do not send out copies in advance. 

If you wish to attend a board meeting and require support such as interpreting or require the papers in other formats, please contact Rebecca Holden on 0300 304 2070 or  

Our Board meetings are filmed and live streamed on Facebook and we keep an archive of the films here. Members of the public who attend the meetings in person will not be filmed.

Members of the public will be given the opportunity to ask questions, but may not take part in the Board discussion. Normally the Chair will ask members of the public about these at the beginning of the public meeting, so that they can be picked up by directors at the relevant time. Any questions must be based on the agenda items. We ask that members of the public notify the trust in advance about a question they might like to ask, so that any necessary enquiries can be made in order to enable a full answer to be given. In the event that the question cannot be answered at the meeting it may need to be deferred to the next meeting or provided to the member of the public in correspondence. Any questions can be submitted to Rebecca Huth, contact details above. 

Read our full guidance for public board meetings here.