Carers' Charter

Our Carers' Charter is a statement of our values, principles and standards to guide us in our support of carers. The charter covers eight areas that carers have told us are important.

1. Information

Timely, sufficient and appropriate information is key to working in partnership with carers. We will provide jargon-free information about your rights and available services.

2. Assessment

We will ensure that carers' assessments are offered and will give you the opportunity for face to face discussion about your own needs.

3. Short breaks

Breaks for carers are essential so that they have an opportunity to live their own lives and to continue to care to the best of their ability. We will work with partner organisations to ensure a flexible range of options for short breaks is available, as identified through the carer’s assessment.

4. Emotional support

Carers’ emotional needs should be appreciated and taken into account. We will raise awareness of the emotional needs of carers both during care and after discharge.

5. Support to care

Carers have physical health needs and also may need training in some aspects of the care they wish to offer. We will ensure that our staff are trained to be able to identify and respond to carers' health and wellbeing needs.

6. Having a voice

Carers need to be consulted at all levels of decision making and given the opportunity to become involved. We will involve carers in planning, commissioning and evaluating services and also in the training of professionals.

7. A life beyond caring

Carers are individuals in their own right, with a life beyond their role as carers. We will promote training, education and leisure opportunities for carers and other services, which promote their social inclusion and help prevent isolation.

8. Equality and diversity

Carers may have specific needs in relation to race, gender, faith, age, sexual orientation and disability. We will work with carers and partner organisations to challenge discrimination and stigma.