Amy Mary Rose Herring, Governor - Outside of Sussex


As a governor I wish to represent the valuable opinions and views of people. I have been a user of the service since I was 12 and I was diagnosed with Aspergers, Depression and PTSD during my teenager years.  Many of my skills include listening to people's views, feelings and ideas in regards to mental health. These skills are crucial in engaging with the people and wider community at the heart of our service who we care for.

Throughout my time being a user of the service, I have experienced dedication and development of ideas which have benefited people. However, I have also experienced parts which could be improved. I believe this can be improved upon by taking action on the views and opinions from the community.

Governors are vital in making sure everyone from services users, carers, public to staff is being listened to at every level of the organisation and beyond. But Governors are also important in taking action from these views and implementing what you think should and needs to be provided from our services to support those we represent.  At the same time Governors also hold the organisation to account in making sure services and care offered is at the highest standard of quality for our communities.