Mel Smith, Governor - West Sussex

I have had a neurological condition since I was young, but in the last 6 years I developed a mental health illness. During my hospitalisation I saw and experienced things that needed to be addressed, and I have also seen and experienced the things that helped.

I wish to assist approaching the bad things as well as ensuring the approach for the good things should be recognised. 

After a lot of recovery, hard work and effort I am now back in society and I really do want to give back. As you will all know, addressing mental health is terribly hard work for every party involved. be that the patient, the family, the friends or carers. But also we should not forget the staff who are involved at every level, current demands mean it is very hard for them.

One thing I have noted is that things of ‘Achievement, Opportunity and Goals’ should be presented. I have created solutions to problems and to my delight they have worked. I just want to keep on helping; as so much has been done for me.