I need a carers' assessment

Taking care of someone with a long-term mental health condition can be an isolating and demanding experience for a carer without the right support. 

All carers are entitled to a carer’s assessment. This will work out the support you need to continue as a carer, whilst ensuring that your caring responsibilities do not make you unwell or overstressed.

Carers’ assessments are the responsibility of your local authority; they ask other organisations to carry out assessments on their behalf, including Sussex Partnership and other local voluntary groups.

At a carer’s assessment we will listen to you and talk about your individual circumstances so we can find the most appropriate help and support. The assessment is about you, the carer, and can take place even if the person you care for does not want any help. The assessment is about working out any help and support you may need to maintain your own health and wellbeing and to balance caring with other areas of your life, such as leisure time and work.

A carer's assessment is not compulsory, but you might find it a helpful way to focus on your own support needs.

How do I arrange a carer’s assessment?

Contact the Care Coordinator or lead professional who is looking after the person you care for at Sussex Partnership. Or you can contact your local authority directly or get advice from the carer support services.

The number for your local authority is:

Brighton and Hove:

01273 295555


What is the process?

Your assessment will probably be carried out by a member of a community team. Be ready to talk about the extent of your caring role, the effect this has on the rest of your life and what help or support you would find useful.

If you are providing support for more than one person, make sure that the assessor knows about this and understands if this is causing difficulties or stress for you and your family. You may find it helpful to discuss these points beforehand with the person you care for, your family or other carers that you know. Some people find making notes useful.

What happens next?

The assessment will consider the help Sussex Partnership can offer you, and what help and support you might be able to get from other council and voluntary groups. It will also include a list of other organisations that can help.

Please note that the assessment is not a guarantee of any support; there may not be services in place that can provide everything you need. Any needs that we cannot meet are recorded so services can be developed in future. The assessment should be regularly reviewed to keep it relevant to both your needs of you and the needs of the person you care for.