Improving mental health  

services in East Sussex

Working with you to improve mental health services in East Sussex

We want everyone across Sussex to benefit from safe, effective and high-quality mental health services whenever they need them.

This means we need to look at the standard of care we provide to those who are in our hospitals so we can understand where we can make improvements.

Like a lot of the NHS, we have buildings and accommodation which are old and out-dated and, even if they are upgraded, will not meet the standards we expect for our patients, carers and families. This is something we need to address urgently and has been previously highlighted by the Care Quality Commission.

If people do go to hospital then we want them all to benefit from staying in safe, modern and secure environments which provide the highest quality care. 

To make sure we are leading the way in providing mental health care and support for local people, we will be developing proposals to address the challenges we have with some of our buildings in East Sussex.

We hope you will take the time to join us in this work and help us to shape the way we support people with mental health needs across our local communities.

We have set out ways to have your say in the 'How to get involved' section below.

Clinical vision and priorities

We want to provide local, seven day a week mental health services that are based on evidence-based clinical practice. These will be an integral part of the wider healthcare system. 

We want to provide high-quality inpatient care for service users, their carers and families. These must be available to everyone, regardless of age, disability, gender and ethnicity.

This will mean, among other things:

  • Developing services that better meet service users' mental and physical healthcare needs
  • Better integration with community partners to reduce lengths of stay
  • Reducing or eliminating out-of-area transfers and prioritising accessibility for service users
  • Better staffing/resourcing to improve resilience
  • Increasing capacity to accommodate future population growth, and
  • Offer consistent care across all services.