Jo Tompkins, Governor - Brighton and Hove

I have been a service user of Sussex Partnership for ten years, accessing both primary and secondary services, in addition to involvement with a range of third sector organisations.

I am passionate about being a voice for service users, looking for opportunities where people with lived experience can come together to share their experiences and have an opportunity to be heard.

I really value equality and empowerment. In particular, I' m aware of many people from minority groups and differing backgrounds whose voices are rarely heard, such as people from ethnic minorities, asylum seekers, LGBTQI, those experiencing homelessness, young people, and people with physical disabilities or learning difficulties. 

There are many barriers that service users currently face when trying to share their experience and for these experiences to influence change within Health and Social care services. I would like to address some of these barriers to facilitate positive change. I am currently involved in a committee meeting that is addressing service user feedback within the Trust and I am also part of the steering group for suicide prevention where I contribute my ideas. 

I see my role as Service User Governor as supporting transformation of services and inclusivity is very important to me. I welcome anyone to share with me what matters to them or ideas about how service user voices could be better represented. You can contact me at