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Anne Morris

"I have had a few jobs during my career but I have never been happier than I am now."

Anne Morris is the Registered Manager (Business) at Lindridge Care Home in Hove, the first care home in the country to be managed by an NHS Foundation Trust

I joined Sussex Partnership in 2013 to manage the day to day running of the care home. Before Sussex Partnership took over management in 2011 it was known as the Downs Christian Nursing Home and I had my first care home administration job there between 2000 and 2002, so it felt like I was coming home.

I’m here to provide support to all the staff, as well as our residents and their relatives. It’s also my role to promote Lindridge within the wider community, and I work closely with colleagues across Sussex Partnership and other NHS Trusts and community organisations to make sure that people know who we are and what we do.

This is my first role with the NHS. I served in the Women’s Royal Naval Service at the beginning of my career as a cleric, then, whilst my children were young, I worked as a healthcare assistant for a while before moving into administration. After a number of years as the regional administrator for a large care group I heard there was a position at Lindridge and returned to the place that I started my administration career.

We have a fantastic team of staff at Lindridge. We work really well together and try to support each other at all times. We’re a little bit different because our care environment is also somebody’s home, and it is an absolute privilege when someone entrusts us with the care of their beloved relative or friend. The level of care we provide is only possible if we all work together and that’s what makes me come to work every day – my staff and my residents.

What does the NHS meant to me? On a personal level it is currently supporting members of my family with injuries, mental health and terminal conditions, but I know that they are being well looked after. On a work level, being part of the NHS gives me a fantastic resource of knowledge and support to call upon. And it offers me career advancement and training opportunities - I could go on! 

I have had a few jobs during my career but I have never been happier than I am now. I am working with the best people in an environment that I love, and I have fantastic support from my colleagues and Sue, my Operations Director. And the colleagues that I work with across the Trust are always on hand if I need them; everyone is friendly and they never make you feel that you are a bother. 

It would be fantastic to see more homes like Lindridge. NHS-run care homes absolutely fill the gap required by acute services and allow us to provide excellent care, whether this be in a step-down, end of life, respite, nursing or dementia capacity. This is what we do well, what we love and why we all come to work.