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Tracey Fox-Stillwell

“I am extremely proud of the great institution that is the NHS and even more so that Lindridge sits within it."

Tracey Fox-Stillwell is the Relationship Coordinator at Lindridge Care Home in Hove, the first care home in the country to be managed by an NHS Foundation Trust. 

“I’ve got a unique role at Lindridge – it’s my job to be a support to both the residents in our care and their loved ones. For many families this is the first time they are encountering a care environment, and it is often during the later stages of illness when end of life care is needed, so it can be a very emotional and difficult time.   

“I’m part of a support team that makes sure relatives are being looked after so that the care team can focus on looking after the patient. Not many care homes have a relationship coordinator, but we make sure we look after the whole family, not just the resident. 

“This isn’t my first role with the NHS. Previously I was reception manager for a GP practice, and I’m really proud of the fact that my team won an award for outstanding service. I spent some time at the Department of Trade and Industry, and one of my projects involved interviewing patients who received care from their local accident and emergency department. 

“I’ve worked as a funeral director and this knowledge and skill has been really helpful in my role at Lindridge. Not only am I comfortable dealing with bereaved families, I understand what needs to be done to organise their final farewell so, with their permission, I can help with the planning and in cases where they are struggling to cope, I can take care of all the arrangements if they want me to. 

“But I’m also on hand for happier times. We have a special room at Lindridge where families can hold private celebrations – we’ve had birthday parties, anniversaries and Christmas celebrations, I’m a bit of a party planner! 

“I am extremely proud of the great institution that is the NHS and even more so that Lindridge sits within it. 

“For me personally the NHS provides care to family members who require support for a genetic condition that will affect them for the rest of their lives, but it also provides them with quality of life whilst managing their health. For me that’s what the NHS stands for and it’s exactly what we aim to do at Lindridge - provide people with a safe community to live in, a lifestyle that is fulfilling and clinical support that is high quality and professional.”