70 for 70
70 for 70

Sube Banerjee

“For me it is the staff on the front line and our patients that make the NHS a special place to work."

"My work focusses on designing and delivering a programme of research, development and implementation to improve the quality of life of people with Dementia and those that care for them by improving the quality of care they receive.  

“My direct clinical work involves co-leading a specialist multiagency memory service for people living with HIV who have memory problems.  

“My father and my grandfather were doctors and my mother and grandmother were nurses, so medicine was probably in my genes as well as my environment. 

“I came to the NHS through an interest in people and how they worked. At medical school I was drawn to psychiatry because of the stories that people told and the best ones were in psychiatry. My interest in research and health policy comes entirely from a realisation that we need better evidence to identify and make the case for the changes that our patients need and that population approaches mean more health gain for more people. 

“For me it is the staff on the front line and our patients that make the NHS a special place to work. For the staff, we have wonderful people who work in really difficult conditions to make things better for the most vulnerable in our society. I am continuously overwhelmed by the everyday miracles of the creation of brilliant care and support that our teams conjure on a daily basis. For the patients, I never cease to be amazed by the resilience, imagination and adaptation that older people with major problems and their families bring to overcome their difficulties to try to live well. We need the staff and the skills to help them to succeed.”