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Dylan Hibbert

"Healthcare in the UK is for us all and not just the privileged few."

Dylan Hibbert is an Occupational Therapy Technical Instructor based at The Hellingly Centre in East Sussex. 

Talking about his role Dylan said: “My main area of work is music based. I hold group and individual sessions in the music room where we have the ability to play and record music with both instruments and computer based programmes. I also help run the Hellingly Centre radio show which broadcasts as a recorded show on the first Thursday of the month on Hailsham FM.

“I joined the NHS back in 2004 as a nursing assistant having worked in the print trade for the previous 14 years as a production manager. I wanted a change in career and decided that in my future work I would like to help people. Both my parents had worked at the old Hellingly Hospital and I knew a couple of people working here then so decided to give it a try.

“I started off as a nursing assistant in the forensic services at Ashen Hill for the first few years which I enjoyed but fancied a move to occupational therapy, which I have now been doing for the last eight years now based at The Hellingly Centre.

Talking about a proud moment his career and the best thing about his job and working for the NHS Dylan said: “Anytime that I see an ex service user in the community, living the life that they have always wanted, makes me feel happy and is the reason why I work in the care industry.

“I love music so being able to share that with others and helping them create their own music is one of the best things. Also my work colleagues, they are the most caring people and we have lots of banter which keeps me smiling.

Dylan has seen a lot of changes in the NHS; “Even in my short career with the NHS things have changed dramatically. Services are even more stretched than they were previously but with excellent staff it seems to be surviving. There is a lot more collaborative working nowadays with service users having a huge say in their care, which is a great thing.

“The best thing about the NHS is that it’s free at point of use and is there for everyone. A good friend of mine lives in America where it seems if you have an accident you need to ‘show your insurance’ before anything is done (his words not mine). Healthcare in the UK is for us all and not just the privileged few.

“The NHS is the backbone of this country, without it many would not only fear the fact of being ill but could become ill worrying about it. Proper healthcare costs a lot of money, it needs the investment to sustain or improve current standards. The NHS has been part of my life since birth in some shape or form, whether through family or I working within it or using its services. I just hope it is still there in a meaningful way for generations of the future.

“Anyone thinking about working for the NHS shouldn’t do it if they’re looking at making lots of money because it won’t happen. If however you would like to make a difference to someone’s life and be part of a great team then go for it."