Our research

Our mental health research during the Covid-19 outbreak

In line with national guidance, recruitment to many of our studies has been paused. The only studies that remain open are those which require no input from our busy clinicians, e.g. online studies. (For a list of all our studies, including those on hold, see below). If you are taking part in a study involving a therapy, the research assistant from your study will contact you to arrange a virtual appointment where possible.

Our research office at Sussex Education Centre is currently closed and all the team are working from home, so we can get back to you if you need to get in touch. If you email us and leave your telephone number, we can call you back, between 9am-5pm:

For studies please contact: askaboutresearch@sussexpartnership.nhs.uk

For research governance enquiries, please contact: researchgovernance@sussexpartnership.nhs.uk

We are setting up virtual chats to keep in touch during this period. If you want to join in, or have any patient involvement (PPI) enquiries, please let us know by emailing:  involvementinresearch@sussexpartnership.nhs.uk

Our Research Studies

We have a range of research studies at Sussex Partnership. Research can be about taking part in a new therapy, completing questionnaires, attending an interview or focus group, or trying a new drug.

If you would like to receive updates about our research news and studies, please join our Research Network

Please click here for a list of our Mental Health research studies 

Pleae click here for a list of studies open to recruitment during the COVID-19 outbreak

Please click here for a list of our studies for people with dementia

If you are interested in dementia research across the country, you can also sign up to Join Dementia Research to stay in touch with what's happening. Join Dementia Research is funded by the Department of Health and delivered in partnership with the National Institute for Health Research, Alzheimer Scotland, Alzheimer's Research UK and Alzheimer's Society.


Participant Research Experience Survey

If you have taken part in one of our studies, we would appreciate your feedback via the Participant Research Experience Survey.

To give your feedback please click here The information you provide will be collected by the Clinical Research Network and will be treated in the strictest confdence. It will not affect any of your further treatment or any future participation in a research study.

Our Research infrastructure

We  lead the NIHR-funded Applied Research Collaboration for Kent, Surrey and Sussex which brings together NHS and health services, education providers, private companies as well as the publlic to work together to improve the quality of life for people in the region

We are also part of the Brighton and Sussex Joint Clinical Research Office (JCRO), bringing together two universities and two local NHS Trusts to offer an integated approach across all four organisations. The four partner organisations are The University of Sussex, the University of Brighton, Brighton and Sussex Universtiy Hospitals NHS Trust and Sussex Partnership. 

We work with our academic partners to help train the mental healthcare professionals of the future. We also continue to improve the care and treatment we provide to patients by putting research into practice. 

·         Brighton and Sussex Medical School

   Centre for Dementia Studies

·         University of Sussex

·         Brighton University

·         National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)

·         Research Design Service South East

·         National Institute for Health Research – Kent, Surrey and Sussex 


National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Portfolio Studies

The National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network (NIHR CRN) was established to help the life science industries deliver leading-edge research within the NHS. It provides a range of tools and services that are designed to improve the performance of research and helps to deliver studies on time and to target. The Department of Health created the NIHR to support the design and delivery of high quality research. These studies are adopted onto the ‘Portfolio’ of studies and are of top priority for Sussex Partnership, as they are of national significance and generate income and resources. We strongly recommend that sponsors of all prospective clinical trials apply for NIHR Industry Portfolio status to take full advantage of the tools and services on offer.

Please click here for a list of studies sponsored by Sussex Partnership at April 2020

NIHR offers help with research design through the South East Research Design Service, which offers free advice, training and a consultancy service for applying for funding from the NIHR. If you are thinking about how to fund your study, you are strongly advised to access this service to maximise the potential for success.

NIHR also offers support with the delivery of Portfolio studies through the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Clinical Research Network. The NIHR Clinical Research Network: Kent, Surrey & Sussex  is responsible for ensuring the effective delivery of research in Sussex Partnership and other Trusts and NHS organisations in the region. It helps to increase the opportunities for patients to take part in clinical research, ensures that studies are carried out efficiently, and supports the Government’s Strategy for UK Life Sciences by improving the environment for commercial contract clinical research in the NHS in the Kent, Surrey & Sussex area. Information on funding opportunities can also be found on the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) website.