Medical Education

Medical education

Our education and training programmes are delivered in partnership with universities, colleges and other organisations across the south east. Internationally recognised academic experts lead and work in our services, often jointly appointed with university partners.

We provide high-quality education in medicine, nursing, psychology and psychological therapies, occupational therapy, social care and other aspects of wellbeing and healthcare. We work in partnership with Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

We help students develop the knowledge, skills and professional behaviours required for clinical practice and a range of other related roles. 

We are committed to providing a friendly, open, supportive learning environment in which all students are able to achieve their potential.

Excellence is encouraged at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and students are offered appropriate challenges according to the stage and context of their learning.

The following pages give some information about what you can expect from the specialities we offer as a Trust and introduce you to our tutors and the geographic areas they cover.

If one of our specialities interest you, we can offer trainee placements for: 

  • Higher Trainees
  • Core Trainees

We have placements available across Sussex and in a wide variety of places including hospitals, community clinics and GP practices.

All our trainee doctors have protected teaching time.

Watch our medical education film below to find out more:

If you can’t find what you are looking for, or need further information, email