Positive Practice Awards
Positive Practice Awards

Cassy, the therapy dog

Best Pet Therapy Animal


Our overall winner received 25 nominations, so it's clear she's a real favourite amongst staff and patients.

Cassy received so many nominations that it's clear she's had a huge impact on patients.

She's a regular visitor to the wards at Meadowfield Hospital in Worthing, and to Shepherd House, a recovery unit which is also based in the town.

It takes a very special type of dog to visit new places and meet lots of new people whilst remaining calm, but Cassy does just that. Along with her owner, Jana, who works in the Trust's Finance Team, she spreads happiness and laughter wherever she goes.

Everyone describes her as an absolute joy, and it's clear from her reaction when she meets people that she loves being a therapy dog. She really enjoys the attention and brings a smile to all she meets.

She's also been described as 'not just a dog, but a breath of happiness', so it's clear she brings something special when she visits.

Cassy manages to bring a sense of calm to even the most distressed patients, and is mentioned in a number of care plans, showing hoe important her visits are to people's recovery and journey towards being discharged from hospital. 

And she not only helps patients, she's there for staff. She's been to a number of team meetings and helped to bring calm to the sometimes challenging discussions that have to take place. 

One nomination said: 'I believe Cassy deserves to be nominated for this award because she is an exceptionally well trained and loving dog who improves the mental health of the whole department let alone the service users!'

Another commented: 'Having suffered from depression I really appreciate the value of a therapy animal, especially dogs, which are my favourite.'

Hear from the winner: