Positive Practice Awards
Positive Practice Awards

Finance Team

Everyone Counts Team Award - Non-Clinical


The team has been recognised for working tirelessly to ensure that the Trust manages its money effectively.

The Finance Team is responsible for providing a comprehensive financial service to the Trust, including financial planning, budgeting and accounting, payroll and pension services, and counter fraud services.

The team work to ensure that the Trust has sound financial governance and manages its money effectively.

After a prolonged period of sickness by a senior member of the department, members of the team stepped up to cover this absence and were able to deliver amazing results under the strong leadership of Paula Wilson and Corin Ansted.

Key achievements in the year included:

  • Supporting teams to manage their collective budgets of £267 million
  • Helping the Estates team to deliver an £8 million capital programme, which supports the refurbishment and improvement of sites and buildings
  • Achieving a budget surplus of £1.2m, which allowed the Trust to receive an additional £4.8 million bonus
  • A clean bill of health from eternal auditor


 Their nominator said: ‘The Finance Team is a worthy winner of this award as through the last year they have been seen to value, appreciate and respect each other. They are clear about their objectives, support others to perform at their best, encouraging, praise and celebrate success.

‘I am so fortunate to have such a loyal and committed Finance Team that is patient and staff focused. The team are so much more than about the money, which makes them worthy contenders for this award.’