Positive Practice Awards
Positive Practice Awards

Pavilion Ward

Inspired to Improve


Pavilion Ward has been recognised for their work to introduce changes which have significantly improved the experience for patients on the ward.

Pavilion Ward, based at Mill View Hospital in Hove, has been through some drastic changes in the past year. The team has been thinking creatively to improve the experience that patients have during their time on the ward, for example introducing items that were previously banned on a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) following feedback from patients. 

Blanket bans have been lifted and patients are now able to access to their mobile phones. Requests for belts and phone chargers are individually risk assessed and decided case by case. 

Other changes on the ward have included a new garden gym, calm cards, which aim to reduce the use of rapid tranquilisation, and the use of the Broset Violence Checklist, which aims to reduce amount of time a person might spend in seclusion. 

Pavilion Ward is now part of a national Reducing Restrictive Practice Programme through the Royal College of Psychiatry, which focuses on reducing seclusion, restraint and rapid tranquilisation. The ward has already reduced seclusion use by 85%.

Working under the Leader Leader model has led to staff being much happier at work, where they feel highly valued. Patients have fed back that they feel happier, less bored, more listened to and empowered. 

In the team’s nominator said: ‘Staff continually advocate for the rights of the patient and are able to have open an honest discussions to ensure they are always working in the best interest of the patient. They have drastically improved their patient input into their care, as well as including carers in all areas of care.’