Positive Practice Awards
Positive Practice Awards

Selden Centre

Everyone Counts Team Award - Clinical


The team has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to improving the quality of the services they provide to adults with learning disabilities.

The Selden Centre’s award recognises their ongoing commitment to quality and innovation, going the extra mile to get the best outcomes for service users.

An example of this high standard of work was the way in which they supported a particularly challenging individual when being transferred to a new service, and provided care which was tailored to their needs, least restrictive and delivered with compassion. This included seven members of staff travelling with the individual, playing music that they would enjoy, and choosing a comfortable route for them.

Their nominator said: ‘There are so many more examples of great practice and innovation that happen every single day at the Selden Centre that staff don’t even realise what amazing support they offer to some of the most vulnerable people in our society.’

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