Information for GPs

For GPs considering referring to our service for an autism diagnostic assessment please complete our referral form.

Please also send us a health record summary.

If the patient brings any written evidence of their concerns, consider enclosing this in your referral. If there are any previous educational psychology reports in your records, these are also very useful to include with the referral.

The following points are useful to consider when making a referral:

  • What characteristics and behaviours does the individual report which match autism or ADHD symptoms?
  • Are these issues life long, or has there been a recent onset or change in behaviour?
  • Are the characteristics pervasive across all areas of the individual's life?
  • How would the process and outcome of this assessment be of benefit to their mental and emotional wellbeing?
  • If you are making a referral for an autism assessment please also complete the AQ10 form

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