Referrer Information - Autism 

Autism is a lifelong pervasive neurodevelopmental condition with a broad range of  expression and severity. The symptoms are:

  • Difficulties with social communication (an individual's ability to reciprocally communicate with others)
  • Difficulties with social interaction (the ability to develop and maintain relationships)
  • Restricted, repetitive, and stereotyped patterns of behaviour and interests, including difficulty with change


For GPs considering referring to our service

Please complete the following checklist:

  • Complete our referral form and AQ10
  • What characteristics and behaviours does the individual report which match Autism symptoms?
  • Are these issues life long, or has there been a recent onset or change in behaviour?
  • Are the characteristics pervasive across all areas of the individual's life?
  • How would the process and outcome of this assessment be of benefit to their mental and emotional wellbeing?
  • What do the people who know them well think about the idea of being assessed for a possible Autism diagnosis?


Making a referral

In your referral letter please summarise:

  • Your reasons for referring
  • Evidence for any differences in your patient's social and communicative presentation, as well as any fixed routines, rituals or special interests
  • A health record summary
  • If the patient brings any written evidence of their concerns consider enclosing this in your referral
  • Please include the AQ10

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