Research governance


All health research studies taking place in the NHS require research governance approval, so that the interests of our patients, staff and organisation are safeguarded. We are able to offer advice and support researchers through the governance procedures and research ethics applications and issue local Research and Development approval for all successful applications.

Our Research Governance Officers help to guide studies through the NHS approval process. They are also responsible for monitoring active research studies to ensure we are up to date on progress, able to identify any recruitment difficulties and to ensure that research activity is complying with governance requirements.

Contact the R&D department as soon as you start to put your proposal together. You must get provisional R&D approval for your research before you start preparing your funding application. This provisional approval is to say that the R&D department are willing, in principle, to support your study. It is not uncommon that R&D are unable to grant this, so, to avoid disappointment it is crucial that you seek provisional approval right from the start. Bear in mind that once your study is funded you will first need to obtain formal NHS research ethics and R&D approval before starting your study. The R&D department can provide you with guidance throughout the process. For information about the support that is available to you contact:

Research and Development Policies and Prodecures

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) expects that all organisations intending to sponsor or participate in research have a Research and Development Operational Capability Statement. This statement provides a board-level operational framework, which empowers a Research and Development Office to undertake the management of research within the organisation.

In order to ensure good research practice, all research conducted within the Trust should comply with our Research Policy.

Research Advice

Anna-Marie Jones is a statistician jointly funded by Sussex Partnership and the Research Design Service. Her brief is to enhance the collaboration between the two organisations and recommend how to strengthen future grant applications, based on critiquing past research designs. She can offer ongoing help and advice, from idea development to application submission. Anna-Marie is also a Research Advisor for the National Institute of Health Research, Research Design Service South East (NIHR RDS SE). The RDS offers free, confidential and tailored advice for those seeking funding for applied health and social care research. Contact: Click on the tabs below to find out the answers to some of the most common research questions we are asked. A longer list of questions, which can be printed off, can be found in the document entitled 'Research Questions and Answers for Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Staff'. This is also available below under 'Useful Resources for Researchers'.