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Esther Wilcox,


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Esther's Story

Working with people with learning disabilities forces you to test your psychology training and to adapt your knowledge of theory to the realities of practice. It’s very stimulating work.

It was lovely to hear a client say “it’s so much better here.” The people we help have been in crisis and they come here to a place of calm. Our clients value the fact that we think about their future lives. We work very closely with community practitioners to make sure that when people leave us, they’re moving to a place that will meet their needs for the long term.

It’s a fast-moving environment and I enjoy the close and frequent client contact. I love the personalities we work with. Unlike many psychologists, I can share a cup of tea and have a chat with people at any point in the day. I can observe their lives informally. It makes for a much richer assessment of someone’s needs. I can easily share my thoughts with all the other professionals under one roof, such as speech and occupational therapists, nurses and our amazing support workers.

There’s a great focus on training here. Investing in people is seen as investing in the quality of care for the long term. I’m being funded to train as a Non-medical Responsible Clinician. It will allow me to sit alongside the psychiatrist to work with people who are under section.

I was attracted to the Selden Centre because working as part of a close team is best for this client group. The team think about everything they do, about every need. They don’t just follow instruction, they go the extra mile. You don’t feel a hierarchy. Everyone is an important part of our team. We do our thinking together. No one would ever say “that’s not my job."