Jarod Newbury

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“Big changes are coming and I am looking forward to being a part of that”

Jarod Newbury,

Deputy Ward Manager

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Jarod's Story

The Selden Centre is special. There are very few centres for people with learning disabilities in the UK. I am passionate about inpatient care.

When a person comes to the Selden Centre it’s often the worst point in their life. They have tried everything else. They are in crisis and they’re frustrated. At the point of their discharge there is real hope again. We’re so lucky that we get to see that change.

Every day is an accomplishment. I feel like I’ve done a hard day’s work, but I feel I’ve done something worthwhile.

Earn while you learn

I joined Sussex Partnership almost 20 years ago and am now Deputy Ward Manager. I’ve had a steady career progression. With the backing of Sussex Partnership, I became a staff nurse. You can earn while you learn, which was vital, because I had a young family.

There’s a lot of variety in my role, it’s no ordinary 9-5. I have the best of both worlds, combining managerial responsibility and nursing. Sussex Partnership is very inclusive, so I’ve been involved in developing our services. Big changes are coming and I am looking forward to being a part of that.

Being in Sussex means I live and work by the sea and am surrounded by beautiful countryside. There is a mix of serenity and vibrancy here that complements the job I do and helps to keep me on the right side of the work /life balance.

A compassionate team

I’m very proud of our compassionate, enthusiastic and tenacious team; our ability to work with people where others cannot. We share a moral code and want the best for everyone. We build bonds and relationships. Together we have the right blend of skills and knowledge to work with challenging people.

One of my proudest moments was when the entire team worked with person who was extremely distressed and agitated. Her family relationship had broken down. She had physical and mental challenges alongside her learning disability. She needed the support of the whole team, from support worker through to consultant and everyone in between. When she left us, she was able to go into a supported living environment. Her family said she had gone back to being the person they knew ten years before. Bringing this family back together represented a year’s hard teamwork.