Jodie Ide

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“My team feels like a family, they're fun, supportive and caring. To us it's personal.”

Jodie Ide,

Occupational Therapist

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Jodie's Story

I have a family and work part time. Sussex Partnership has helped to make it work for me. My team feels like a family, they're fun, supportive and caring. To us it's personal. If you're willing to get involved and have a bit of a spark about you, you'll fit right in.

Sussex Partnership funded all my training. In helping me develop, they also helped develop the service. I've been an occupational therapist for about nine years and working with people with learning disabilities has drawn on every aspect of my training. Each client is different, which is a great challenge. I enjoy finding creative ways to help them maintain or develop their independence and to do the things they really want to do. You definitely need to take a creative and a problem-solving approach.

It's a challenging environment. Our clients have complex needs and it can be like piecing together a wonderful jigsaw puzzle; working out all the little pieces to understand the whole person. Unravelling needs and investigating what motivates people, and what prevents them doing what's most important to them, is what drives me forward. Our team pulls together, everyone has something to contribute, and at the heart of everything we do are our clients. It's all about them.

Often it's the small, day to day engagements and interactions that are the most rewarding. For example, seeing someone who usually avoids certain sensory situations enjoying sensory art. I love thinking of new ways to inspire, motivate and engage people. Every client is different. They influence the service and help it evolve.

When I'm running groups, such as sensory art or games, it often doesn't feel like work; it's just people coming together, enjoying themselves. It's rewarding to see someone having the confidence to try something new and to enjoy it.

At the end of the day my head is usually buzzing with new ideas to improve a person's quality of life, based on what I may have experienced that day. Working with the team and our clients inspires me to find new, innovative solutions to make things meaningful for people and to help them build their lives.