Nick Duke

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“It’s not just about nursing, it’s about every aspect of a person’s life”

Nick Duke,

Staff Nurse

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Nick's Story

I’m very happy as a staff nurse. I’m doing what I love. I love the variety, the constant change, the team dynamic and the camaraderie.

There can be pressure but then there are the times you’re having an ice cream by the seaside with a client, and you think, “I can’t believe I get paid to do this.” Every day is a pleasure and an achievement.  If the clients have had an enjoyable day, you walk away happy. At the end of the day I feel pretty good. It can be exhausting, but I’m often buzzing.

Care plans can change quickly if someone is unsettled or distressed and needs more support. You need to be flexible, prepared for anything, be able to react accordingly and prioritise, whilst always thinking first of support and safety. It keeps you on your toes.

The management team here are very supportive. They help maintain your work/life balance and focus on our development as individuals and as a team. They are encouraging, forward-thinking and inclusive, and they attract high quality staff . I’m lucky to be part of a cohesive and supportive team. The Selden Centre is a special place. It’s a different type of nursing, it’s very individual.

Tailoring our care

We recently cared for a long-term patient who had suffered a bereavement and was concerned about going to the funeral. His family were also concerned that he might be overwhelmed. We spoke to the local priest and arranged a small, private service for him in the local church where he felt safe, without crowds of people around him. It had a really positive outcome for him and his family. They were all so relieved that we had found a solution for something so important. We have to think differently, it’s not just about nursing, it’s about every aspect of a person’s life, offering personal and emotional support.