Una Hobson

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“If it’s not good enough for my own family, then it’s not good enough”

Una Hobson,

Consultant Nurse

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Una's Story

I had a great first impression of Sussex Partnership.  I immediately liked the people I spoke to on the telephone and at the interview they impressed me so much that I chose to move down here. I am now the Professional Lead in the county for learning disability nursing and am based at the Selden Centre.

I’m amazed by how much I have been supported in my professional development. I was excited when I joined, but the team has far exceeded my expectations. There is a genuine commitment from everyone to providing the best care and to moving things forward. The bottom line here is ‘if it’s not good enough for my own family, then it’s not good enough’.

Joined up care

Sussex Partnership are pushing forward some progressive initiatives, such as new care pathways, which will change lives in so many ways. I am lucky enough to be involved in developing the care pathways for referrals, challenging behaviour and for mental and physical healthcare. This provides us with a framework for making the best possible care assessments and to closing the gap between mental and physical healthcare professionals and pharmacists. We want to make sure a person’s medication, therapy and care plan work well together.

It’s often the small things that fill you with pride for your team. I remember a lady who was returning to us from hospital, having had a fall. We all went out to welcome her back. The psychiatrist made her a cup of tea, and knew how many sugars she took. The ambulance drivers commented that this was something you didn’t see very often. You should always expect clinical competence wherever you go, but it’s often the small acts of kindness that people remember; putting an arm around someone, using their familiar name. Kindness, compassion and humanity; that’s what the Selden Centre is about and it’s the standard I expect. To do this job you need to be able to see past the immediate distress and beyond the learning disability to get to the true root of the problem. You need to go the extra mile and you’ve definitely got to have fire in your belly.