We are recruiting

Are you looking to make a difference to the mental health of children, young people and families in Sussex? 

Do you have a passion to work within specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)?

Due to an extensive investment into our service, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is looking to grow our existing teams by recruiting talented and passionate professionals to a variety of clinical, managerial and administrative roles. We are looking for Clinical Service Managers, Lead Clinicians, Nurses, OTs, Support Workers, Doctors and Psychologists ranging, and are looking for newly qualified candidates as well as those with previous experience in CAMHS. Jobs are available ranging from Bands 4-8b. 

We have posts available in East Sussex, West Sussex and Brighton & Hove

This is where you come in!

Our virtual recruitment event

In July, we hosted a virtual event to tell you who we are, what we do and how we plan to develop our services.

Dozens of you attended, and it was great to meet you all. Don't worry if you missed the event though - you can watch it again below or download the PowerPoint presentation from the event here.


“It was really useful and nice to hear from people working for the service. I got a good sense of how supportive the team is, which was encouraging. I’ve set up email alerts based on that search on NHS jobs."
- Occupational Therapist

“I want to say a massive thank you. Thank you for sharing the recruitment link on Facebook as I wouldn’t have had a clue about it otherwise. Also well done to all involved and thank you for a fantastic presentation, it was so great. It’s obvious how much work went into it and it really was impressive! It’s given me hope around the possibilities which is exciting!"
- Nurse

Our latest vacancies

All our vacancies are advertised on our new specialised recruitment website. 

Below is a table of our current vacancies within CAMHS. Click on the links for each one to apply, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Team Post Band Vacancy reference Application link Closing Date
ADHD Secretary  3 354-CS-20440-D https://bit.ly/3FRIOVX 25 Nov
ADHD Neurodevelopmental Consultant (East Sussex)   354-CS-20494-D https://bit.ly/3CQrdvw 29 Nov
ADHD Mental Health Practitioner 5 354-CS-20484-B https://bit.ly/3xmgcRk 25 Nov
CBT Secretary 3 354-CS-20602-A https://bit.ly/30VcqSY 28 Nov
CBT Clinical Psychologist  7 354-CS-20581 https://bit.ly/3l4ziqw 29 Nov     
Duty & Liaison Coastal West Sussex CAMHS Mental Health Duty and Liaison Practitioner 6 354-CS-20522-F  https://bit.ly/3CRQpBC 7 Dec
Duty & Liaison North West Sussex CAMHS DLT Mental Health Liaison Practitioner 6 354-CS-20521-D https://bit.ly/3oSRMuU 25 Nov
SFEDS Home Intervention Practitioner 7 354-CS-20537-C https://bit.ly/3nMzCfc 5 Dec
SFEDS Eating Disorder Therapist 7 354-CS-20347-F https://bit.ly/3xkmEIR 5 Dec
SFEDS Clinical Psychologist 7 354-CS-20520-E https://bit.ly/32xnSoK 5 Dec
SFEDS Paediatric Liaison Practitioner 7 354-CS-20423-C https://bit.ly/3xutRpO 5 Dec
SFEDS Home Intervention Practitioner 5 354-CS-20435-D https://bit.ly/3FIVOwX 5 Dec
SFEDS Team Secretary FTC 7 354-CS-20613 https://bit.ly/3cKMdZZ 30 Nov
SFEDS Administrator 2 354-CS-20612 https://bit.ly/3cMW5m3 30 Nov
SFEDS CAMHS Consultant Psychiatrist 5 354-CS-20348-F https://bit.ly/3HWgMui 29 Nov

A bit about us...

Sussex CAMHS is an NHS specialist service for young people aged 5-18 years and their families who are experiencing difficulties with their mental and emotional health.

Our staff work across a number of multidisciplinary teams county-wide, providing seven Community CAMHS teams along with specialist services which include eating disorders, crisis teams and our inpatient unit at Chalkhill.

Our expanding service will see the creation of a trailblazing neurodevelopmental service covering assessment and treatment of ADHD and Autistic Specrum Conditions (ASC) and an significantly expanded CAMHS community eating disorders team.   We will also be expanding our anxiety and depression care pathway and looking to recruit more staff support with treatment/interventions as part of this.

This is a really exciting time to join us and to be part of an expanding service which prioritises the wellbeing of children, familes and staff and working in partnership with one another.

Where can I find out more?

We know we’re a large NHS Trust, and there may be things you’d like clarifying. We really value people getting in touch with us directly to ask any questions they might have. Although all of our adverts have hiring manager contact details, if there is something they can’t answer, or if you have any general recruitment enquiries, please email: SussexCAMHSJobs@sussexpartnership.nhs.uk