Sustainable healthcare

We care about the environment, and that's why we are working to create a greener NHS at Sussex Partnership.

As part of our work to become more sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint, we're adopting an approach called Care without Carbon, which has been developed by colleagues at Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust.

It's been shown to reduce costs, support health and wellbeing and help to reduce the Trust's carbon footprint.

Care Without Carbon also addresses one of our five strategic goals: to live within our means. As such, we are working with three key aims in mind:

  • Working towards long-term financial sustainability
  • Minimising our impact on the environment (specifically, to reduce our carbon footprint by 34% by 2020)
  • Supporting staff wellbeing to enable a happy, healthy and productive workforce

A key part of this work will be Dare to Care. Dares are small things that we can do now to make a difference to how we work, and we're asking our staff to sign up to these dares. We hope to make them available to patients, and their families and carers, soon.

We're really excited about this new approach, and we're sure that it going to make a big difference, not only to the environment but to the wellbeing of everyone at Sussex Partnership.