Waiting times and information while you are waiting for assessment

Waiting times

The demand for our service is far greater than our current capacity. We are working closely with our commissioners to improve waiting times. We prioritise based on presenting risk so some people may be seen sooner.

  • Brighton and Hove

Autism - 20 months
ADHD - 20 months

  • East Sussex

Autism - 24 months
ADHD - 12 months

  • West Sussex

20 months

This information was last updated 1 November 2019. Please note our waiting times may increase.

Additional information and support whilst waiting

If you are waiting for an autism assessment, the following webpage may be useful as it describes some of the things to think about before you have a diagnosiswww.autism.org.uk/about/diagnosis/adults.aspx

If you have mental health needs you can contact:

West Sussex

  • Pathfinder which is an alliance of organisations workings together to provide a pathway of recovery support to improve physical and mental wellbeing - www.pathfinderwestsussex.org.uk

Brighton & Hove

East Sussex

Helpful information