No severance package for former Chief Executive

Dear Editor

Were I like the Head of Google Europe, unable to remember his salary when asked, the report in this paper on Monday about a "severance payment" from Sussex Partnership might have had me perplexed. However, I know exactly what I used to get paid. So it just made me upset. 

I retired from the trust after 13 years aged 59 in the summer of 2014, at the end of an NHS career spanning 41 years. I am now a writer, coach and mental health campaigner. Having had my own experiences of depression off and on since I was 15, including a serious episode in 2013, it was important to me that I left on my own terms. I gave one year’s notice and received no severance package. 

The report appeared because of human error, and I have accepted apologies from those concerned. I am grateful for this opportunity to set the record straight.

The Argus is absolutely right that mental health services need support from politicians, the government and the public, as well as considerably more investment. I would like to take this opportunity to send my good wishes to everyone who works in the field of mental health and to all those who use mental health services. You are my heroes.

With kind regards

Lisa Rodrigues