Support our latest campaign and make your own 'mental health promise'

Helping children and young people to talk about their mental health is at the heart of a brand new campaign this autumn.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) in Sussex are inviting children, young people and professionals to make a ‘mental health promise’. A mental health promise is a statement or pledge of something you will do to look after your own mental health or to support the mental health of a friend or loved one. It can be something really simple but the idea is to get everyone thinking about the small things that can be done to make a big difference.

There are many different ways that schools and organisations across Sussex can get involved in the campaign in any way that works for them. Some ideas could include holding an assembly/workshop which focuses on mental health, an activity session or lesson where mental health is discussed and everyone makes their mental health promise – the options are endless.

Alison Wallis, Clinical Director for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services at Sussex Partnership, said: “By starting a conversation about mental health with children when they are young helps to show them that speaking about mental health isn’t something to be worried or ashamed of. It is also an opportunity to give them useful tips of what to do if they were struggling and the confidence to raise any issues that they might be experiencing.

“We have already got over 45 schools across Sussex who have signed up to take part in the campaign and we hope to recruit many more over the next few weeks.”

Schools interested in taking part in the campaign are being encouraged to email with a named contact, telephone number, email address, address of where we can send campaign materials to and details of how you intend to take part in the campaign.

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust provides specialist mental health and learning disabilities services for all ages across Sussex, and for children and young people Hampshire. To find out more about Sussex CAMHS go to