'University Hospital' status

Sussex Partnership is one of 47 specialist NHS trusts that have been awarded 'University Hospital' status. 

To achieve this, NHS trusts must be able to demonstrate: 

  • High quality, holistic and evidence-based care for patients 
  • Significant investment in research
  • A clear focus on the educational development and training of the current and future workforce.

Research in partnership

Research and innovation sit at the heart of everything we are doing at Sussex Partnership to improve the mental health and wellbeing of the communities we serve. 

We have a dedicated research team and work in partnership with our healthcare and academic partners across Sussex  and the south-East region.

We work with people with lived experience to help shape our research and there are many opportunities for patients to be involved with the design and delivery of research studies, as well as opportunities to participate within studies. 

Read more about the opportunities to get involved in our research

Commitment to research

We are committed to the design and delivery of high-quality research studies, and to learning about the challenges of implementing the findings from studies.

We are consistently one of the highest recruiting mental health trusts to high-quality research studies, which are those that are adopted as part of the National Institute for Health & Care Research

Our eight research clinics - which include the Sussex Voices Clinic, the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Clinic and the Innovation and Research in Eating Disorder Clinic - are examples of how we bring research and new treatments directly to patients, seeking to close the gap between the generation of evidence and clinical practice. 

Read more about our current and past research studies.

Professional development

We are committed to the professional development of our workforce and in partnership with Brighton & Sussex Medical School, the University of Sussex and the University of Brighton we provide high-quality education in medicine, nursing, psychology and psychological therapies, occupational therapy, social care and other aspects of wellbeing and healthcare. 

Our People and Culture Plan sets out our priorities for the next two years to grow and develop our workforce - through a range of options for continuous professional development and internal and external training - so we are best placed to respond to the increasing need in our communities. 

Find out more about the career opportunities at Sussex Partnership.