Your recovery and wellbeing

Recovery is a uniquely personal journey. To us it's about giving people the power to live their lives with purpose, meaning and hope for the future.

Your recovery has to be defined by you. It starts with moving away from diagnosis and illness towards good mental health and wellbeing.  

Your mental health and wellbeing 

Mental wellbeing can generally be described as feeling good and functioning well, although it is very much driven by your own personal hopes and expectations. We aim to work with you to help you build a life that you are happy with, even if it involves living with some of your symptoms.

It’s not just about treatment and care; we’ll help you learn to manage your own mental health and wellbeing. This gives you back the power over your life that you may feel your illness has taken away from you. The journey to recovery and wellbeing is different for everyone, but by building hope and giving you control and opportunity, we can help to build your self-esteem and re-establish your personal independence.

Everyone we care for is given a personalised care plan. It outlines your care, treatment or medication, with details about the team that will look after you. 

Alongside your care plan you can also work with your team to draw up a personalised recovery plan. This outlines the different ways you can manage your condition and work towards recovery - we call this self-management.

There are many different tools to help you manage your recovery and to learn what helps you to stay well, recognise any signs of relapse and how to manage a crisis. 

We will share with you the tools and resources available to you, and share the experiences of others to guide and support you on the way. It’s your choice to choose what works best for you and your life.

Recovery plans are just one of the many self-management tools available to help bring forward your recovery. Talk to your care team about the options available to you and the groups and services in your area that can support you.

Sussex Recovery College offers free educational courses, both face-to-face and online, that focus on mental health and recovery. All of our courses are co-produced which means they are designed and delivered by someone with lived experience of mental health challenges and a clinician or subject matter expert. Our courses are specially designed to increase your knowledge and skills and to help you to find ways to better manage your mental health and wellbeing.  Courses are also open to SPFT staff and to family members, or carers of people experiencing mental health difficulties.  

Please visit the Recovery College's website to find out more.