NHS 111 'select mental health option'

24/7 mental health crisis line

Call NHS 111 and select the mental health option

Call NHS 111 and select the mental health option to be connected to a 24/7 mental health crisis line. The service is also known locally as the Sussex Mental Healthline. 

A mental health crisis is when someone feels at 'breaking point'.  It can disrupt usual thought patterns, mood, daily activities and feelings. People in crisis will usually need support quickly.  

Who can call NHS 111 and select the mental health option?

The service is free and available to everyone who is concerned about their own mental health or that of a relative, friend or someone they care for. The service also supports children and young people.

NHS 111 'select mental health option' is one of a range of services available in Sussex to support people with their mental health. 

If you require support with physical health symptoms or have a query about medication, please call 111 and press 1. If your life, or someone else's life, is in immediate danger, please call 999.

Alert Warning

During busy periods, you may need to wait for someone to answer your call. If you would prefer not wait, you could use our free crisis support text messaging service instead. Text the word SUSSEX to 85258 for a confidential text-based conversation with a trained volunteer.

What to do if you are hearing or speech impaired

If you’re deaf or have hearing loss, please use the following link to be connected to local crisis service: 

  • To connect with a BSL interpreter, please visit SignVideo. The interpreter will contact Sussex Mental Healthline on your behalf.
  • To use Text Relay, please call 0300 5000 101

What do to if you need a language interpreter

If your first language is not English, we can arrange a telephone interpreter for other community languages. Please ask someone to call NHS 111 'select mental health option' on your behalf to let us know the language needed. 

Frequently asked questions

The service is staffed by a team of experienced operators, mental health staff and people with lived experience. Although we are not a counselling service, all our operators will listen and help callers to talk through their immediate challenges and to explore ways of coping or suggest alternative help available.

Our call operators can offer general advice regarding managing mental health difficulties and suggest tools and coping strategies.

We can give information about a range of services available that can support you and how to access them as well as details of a wide range of charitable and voluntary organisations, both local and national.

Calls will remain confidential within the services provided by Sussex Partnership. Electronic records are kept of all calls and calls are audio recorded.
In circumstances where a caller is expressing an immediate intent to commit a serious criminal act, endanger themselves or others, or when a child or adult is at risk,  the  emergency services and local authorities will be informed as appropriate.