My Health and Care Record

My Health and Care Record is a secure online portal run by Patients Know Best which is used to store your medical and care information in one place. 

The system meets the same high security standards as for all NHS information and allows you to access your mental and physical health records at any time.

How does My Health and Care Record work? 

My Health and Care Record enables you to access your mental and physical health records in one place whenever you need them. You can do this anytime, anywhere, via a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Importantly, it also allows you to choose who you would like to share your record with. This could include your GP, other NHS Trusts, care workers or your friend and family carers - other people who are involved in your care.

You can access a range of documents from Sussex Partnership. This includes: 

  • My Care and Safety Plan
  • Appointment letters
  • Diary appointments scheduled in Carenotes​​​​​

You will also be able to complete outcome measures and questionnaires sent to by Sussex Partnership. You will receive an email notification from Sussex Partnership when they are sent.  

With your consent, other care providers will be able to access this information so that everyone who looks after you understands the type of care and support you need and want. 

Both you and your healthcare providers can input information, and you can choose the information you want to share and who you want to share it with.

  • If you already have a My Health and Care Record account you will be sent an email notifying you that you can now access your records from Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, via a link which will take you straight to the My Health and Care Record page. You can use this link to access the registration page from any digital device that you can access the internet from - a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • If you have not had an invitation email please check that your care team have your most up to date email address.
  • Contact You will be asked to provide proof of identity before access is provided. Once we have completed our checks, you will receive a link which will take you straight to My Health and Care Record where you can register and sign in.
  • If you have already registered with My Health and Care Record you can log in to Patients Know Best
  • If you have not received a log in invitation, you can also visit the link above and sign in via NHS log in. Visit the Patients Know Best website for more information about this.

For support with accessing your account, please contact:

Are you a carer? 

If you are carer, please read this guide on how to access the mental health information shared to My Health and Care Record for the person you care for

My Health and Care Record has been designed to make things easier for you but we understand some people may not be comfortable using a smartphone or may not have regular access to the internet. 

You can still access your health record by contacting our Health Records Team, email or call 0300 304 2025.

It's absolutely your choice to use, or not to use, My Health and Care Record and your care will not be affected in any way. 

If you apply but then change your mind, you can withdraw your consent at any time by writing to us at:

My Health and Care Record is hosted within the NHS network. Patient information is encrypted (or coded) so that only people with consent to view your information can do so. All information is protected by the NHS firewall and to add another layer of security, data is encrypted in both transit (i.e., when the information comes in and out) and storage. With each patient record uniquely encrypted, only the people whom you give consent to can decrypt and access the record. This approach means your information is always private and very secure.

Find out more about how we store your information and who has access to it.

With My Health and Care Record you are in control of your information and you can have access to key parts of your health and care record 24 hours a day from your own digital devices. As the secure patient platform continues to be developed you will be able to access more information and keep track of appointments and letters from Sussex Partnership.

You can choose to share different information with each care provider relevant to the support you need from them. With your consent, other care providers will be able to access this information – you can choose to share the information you want to share.

Every authorised user is either a service user or a professional. You can add any information you would like to into your record, and you will be authorised to access information from other organisations after an identity verification process. 

The process is different for each organisation. A professional is a user whose employer (e.g. NHS hospital or county council social worker) has identified and authorised them to use the system. You may choose to invite a carer or professional who has not been formally identified. There will be a full audit trail of who gave who access to which accounts.

As currently happens, information will continue to be shared between your GP and the NHS services they refer you to, to enable your treatment as part of direct care arrangements.

Who else uses My Health and Care Record?

Need more information?

Please contact:

Patients Know Best (PKB) is the provider of the platform that we are using to host My Health and Care Record.

PKB is an approved provider of NHS services and they already work in many health and care settings in the UK.