Are you feeling suicidal?

If you are having thoughts of suicide or you are concerned about someone else who may be considering suicide, help is available. Read on to find ways to help you feel safe. 

Need help urgently? 

If you are in immediate danger, or are worried about someone who is, please call 999 immediately.

Other ways to get help

  • Call NHS 111 and select option 2 for mental health 
  • Text the word SUSSEX to 85258
  • Download the Stay Alive App

Stay Alive app

The Stay Alive app offers help and advice and includes a safety plan, customisable reasons for living and a life box where you can store photos that are important to you.

The Stay Alive app was produced in partnership with Grassroots Suicide Prevention, a charity that supports communities to prevent suicide. You can download it for free from Android and iOS.

Read more on how to get help with your mental health

The Preventing Suicide in Sussex website offers help, support and advice about how to spot the warning signs and how to encourage people to talk about how they are feeling.

Preventing suicide in Sussex website

If you witnessed suicide, you may find the First Hand booklet helpful. It aims to address the feelings of hopelessness, guilt and self-blame that people who witness suicide are often left with.

SAFE cards are small business cards that include helpline numbers, websites and free apps, to increase awareness of where and how to access support, information and advice.

We are sharing the InDesign file so organisations can use it as a template, add their own logo and customise according to their audience.

Contact us for the SAFE card InDesign file:

Our Towards Zero Suicide strategy outlines our commitment to work towards eliminating all suicides for people under our care.