Council of Governors

Our Council of Governors has 34 members: 21 elected, 8 appointed and 5 elected Staff Governors. They meet quarterly and have a responsibility to hold the Board of Directors to account and represent the views of our members. You can find out more about these meetings here.

The Board of Directors and the Council of Governors work very closely together to discuss progress, objectives and to plan our strategic development. The members of the Council reflect the diverse nature of our services, staff and the people we care for and ensure the Trust provides the high-quality services that are wanted and needed locally. 

The Council of Governors is chaired by the Trust Chair and is made up of 34 Governors, over half of whom are elected by the members.

Contact a Governor by email:

There are three types of governor:

  • Public Elected Governors (patients, carers and members of the general public, elected by members)
  • Staff Governors (elected by our staff members)
  • Appointed Governors (representatives from organisations who work closely with the Trust).

People who use services

Neena Shukla Morris
Governor, Brighton and Hove

Governor, Outside Sussex




Katherine Eastland,
Carer Governor

Carer Governor