Learning disability inpatient services

We support people who need to be admitted to hospital who need more adjustments than can be made in a psychiatric ward due to the severity of the persons learning disability. 

Admission may be needed due to any risks that are unmanageable in a community setting, including: 

  • Severe mental ill health
  • Escalating needs in the community
  • Placement breakdown requiring re-assessment of needs
  • Step down from a more secure hospital service
  • Complicated move back to the local area from a high intensity service.

We work in partnership with the person, their family and carers to provide a range of expert individualised intensive assessment, intervention, group and therapeutic support.

Who the service is for

We support people who:

  • Are 18 or over 
  • Have a learning disability
  • Have challenging needs which cannot be met safely within their current setting
  • Have additional mental health or other complex needs such as behavioural disturbance, complexities associated with autism or Asperger's conditions

Referrals are made via Selden@spft.nhs.uk between Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm.

When we receive a referral we'll offer a triage to help to identify the appropriateness and urgency of the referral, start to identify rationale for admission and key presenting risks.

If we're able to offer appropriate support we'll carry out a pre-admission assessment. This will give a clear rationale for admission and help ensure we have created a welcoming and individualised environment on admission. We'll discuss pre-admission assessments at our weekly referrals meeting and provide feedback to the referrer.


Selden Centre

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