Non-Custodial Services

Non-custodial services are those that focus on appropriate diversion, support and recovery of those entering the criminal justice system.

The non-custodial services provide a continuous pathway of support for individuals, ensuring communication and information sharing thereby supporting a person's access to treatment and support.

Sussex Liaison & Diversion service identifies people who have mental health, learning disability, substance misuse or other vulnerabilities when they first come into contact with the criminal justice system as suspects, defendants or offenders. The service can then support people through the early stages of criminal justice system, refer them to appropriate health or social care services or enable them to be diverted away from the criminal justice system into a more appropriate setting, if required.

Liaison & Diversion services aim to improve overall health outcomes for people and to support people in the reduction of re-offending. It also aims to identify vulnerabilities in people earlier on which reduces the likelihood that they will reach a crisis-point and helps to ensure the right support can be put in place from the start.

There are a number of SLDS Pathways including the Youth Pathway, Speech and Language Therapy (SaLT) Pathway and the Court Pathway.

For more information, enquiries or to make a referral please call: 0300 304 0714

Referrals for Youth assessments please send to:

Referrals for Adults please send to:

RECONNECT is a care after custody service that seeks to improve the continuity of care of people with an identified health need leaving prison. This involves working with people before release to support transition to community-based services, thereby safeguarding health gains made whilst in prison.

Whilst not a service which provides clinical interventions, the RECONNECT service offers liaison, advocacy, signposting and support to those leaving prison to support engagement in community-based health and support services. The service works with people up to 12 weeks pre-release and up to 6 months post release to support and empower individuals to engage with their own healthcare needs.

Referrals or enquiries should be sent to: 

REFLECT is a Mental Health Treatment Requirement (MHTR) service - provided by mental health professionals via Brighton Magistrates court. Psychological treatment is offered as an alternative to custodial sentences for eligible individuals where an offence crosses the community sentencing threshold.

An MHTR is one of the Community Sentencing Treatment Requirement (CSTR) options available at sentencing for adults (aged 18 years or above). Other CSTR option include alcohol treatment requirements (ATRs) and drug rehabilitation requirements (DRRs). ATRs and DRRs are delivered by external providers, however the Reflect team works with partners to deliver dual orders where appropriate.

Individuals eligible for an MHTR will generally be identified by the court probation team, or the local Liaison and Diversion service.  Enquiries can also come from:

  • Legal Advisors and other Court Staff
  • Defence 
  • Judiciary
  • Substance Misuse services
  • Community mental health services
  • Self-referrals 
  • Carers and family members 
  • Appropriate adults 

Please note that the Reflect Service operates from 0900hrs to 1700hrs Monday to Friday.

Eligibility enquiries can be made by filling in this form.

For general enquiries and a member of the team will respond as soon as possible.

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