Beliefs and culture

At times of illness, faith and spirituality can be vital parts of your recovery and wellbeing. 

Our chaplaincy and spiritual support service is for people of all faiths and none, for people who just want someone to talk to, for service users in our hospitals and in the community, and for carers and staff.

If you use our services, you can access support from our Spirituality Team who can help you:

  • Find meaning and renewed purpose in life
  • Find new connections to life
  • Find a framework to understand your experiences
  • Work through feelings of loss, grief or shame
  • Find self-acceptance and peace of mind


The Spirituality team can also:

  • Affirm you in your faith and beliefs, whatever they are
  • Listen to you and provide resources
  • Link you with your faith community
  • Offer or arrange religious prayers, services and sacraments
  • Discuss your spiritual needs with you and make sure they are met
  • Seek to ensure you can continue your spiritual practice whilst in our services

James McMahon, Team Leader

James was ordained a priest in 2006 and has worked in the Trust since 2020. He has studied both science and theology and is also training as a psychotherapist. James is keen to support people on their faith or spiritual journey, whatever form that takes for them.

James looks after Brighton & Hove and Langley Green Hospital, Crawley, as well as leading the work of the team.

Graham Reeves, Mental Health Chaplain

Graham is an Anglican Priest and has worked as a Mental Health Chaplain for the Trust since 1998. He is also priest in charge of St Mary’s Barnham, and an Oblate of the Order of St Benedict. Graham has written and published on matters of religion and spirituality and has contributed to the Dementia MSc course at Sussex University.

Graham is based in West Sussex and covers the Chichester Centre, Meadowfield Hospital and Horsham.

Julie Pearce, Spiritual Support Lead

Julie enjoys supporting service users to focus on their spiritual needs and to make links between spiritual health and mental health. Julie has long held the belief that our spiritual needs are a vital component of health and wellbeing. She has a passion for supporting those with both religious and non-religious spiritual needs and likes using the HOPE assessment to find out about what spirituality means to a particular person. She also enjoys having the time to dedicate to simply listening. Julie has recently qualified in the Diploma in Practical Spirituality and Wellbeing from the Spiritual Companions Trust.

Julie is based in East Sussex and covers the DOP, Amberstone, Hellingly and Hastings.