Mental health resources

Whether you are experiencing a crisis or managing a long-term health condition there are lots of ways you can get help. Have a look below to find out more about services, mental health directories and hubs.

Hub of Hope

'Hub of Hope' is a database of mental health support services, developed by mental health charity, Chasing the Stigma.

By entering your postcode in the search box, you can find out about support that's available in your local area.

Visit the Hub of Hope website

To find out about the clinical services delivered by Sussex Partnership, please visit the services section of our website. 

East Sussex mental health directory

Visit the East Sussex mental health directory for information, advice and a range of mental health and wellbeing resources.

Pathfinder (West Sussex)

Pathfinder creates streamlined access to mental health support in West Sussex. At Sussex Partnership we have joined forces with ten established third sector providers in West Sussex to ensure that people with mental health needs can find the right support. Pathfinder is:

  • an alliance of local mental health support organisations 
  • different services working together to give advice, information and support
  • for people with mental health problems 
  • for carers, family, friends and professionals

Visit the Pathfinder website for more information, tips for wellbeing and information and resources. 

Sussex Mindfulness Centre

Sussex Mindfulness Centre aims to improve wellbeing through mindfulness and brings together mindfulness practice, research and training to help people with mental or physical health challenges and the wider community. Find out more about the Sussex Mindfulness Centre and the classes they offer.

Visit Sussex Mindfulness Centre's website

Mental health & wellbeing services in Sussex

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