I-Rock: Official opening of support and advice hub for young people

17 July 2023

Our advice and support hub for young people has now officially opened.

More than 50 people turned up to see i-Rock Horsham District opening its doors last Friday.

The hub is for 14 to 25-year olds and offers a range of support services to help with issues such as mental and emotional health, relationships, money and benefits, family problems, bullying, housing, education and employment.

The official opening was attended by partners of the project, SPFT staff and young people, with speeches from Elle Dyson, the service lead; Chair of Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Peter Molyneux; mental health campaigner Dr Alex George; Jeremy Quin MP, Kirsty Lindgren from 4 The Youth local youth charity; and Alex Sargent, a young person who spoke out in support of the new hub.

All attendees were given a tour of the new facility, which includes a large welcoming reception area and private rooms for people needing help and support. It is located at Hurst Café which provides a café space for young people

In her speech, Elle Dyson, thanked the services and organisations that made the hub possible and 'most importantly the incredible young individuals who make up the heartbeat of our community'.

Kirsty Lindgren from 4TY, said: "This is a place that young people can go to get whatever they need. It is friendly, safe and theirs'.

Young people can get support and advice from i-Rock Horsham District by dropping in or booking an appointment, either face to face or by using the virtual platform, which means they can choose to access the service in the way that works best for them.

I-Rock Horsham is the result of a long-term collaboration between Sussex Partnership and voluntary and local authority partners including:

  • All Sorts
  • Change, Grow, Live
  • Horsham Y (YMCA Downslink Group)
  • Horsham Job Centre (The Department for Work & Pensions)
  • Horsham Central Primary Care Network (Alliance for Better Care Ltd)
  • Early Help (West Sussex County Council)
  • Youth Emotional Support service (West Sussex County Council)
  • Y-WISH (Horsham District Council)
  • Careers Team (West Sussex County Council)
  • BeOK (Brighton Housing Trust)
  • 4TheYouth
  • National Careers Service


Further information on i-Rock here: