My Home, My Choice - innovative new film by people with a learning disability launches in Sussex!

17 August 2023

A film has been launched in Sussex as part of a project to enable people with a learning disability to have more choice in how they want their homes to look and feel.

My Home My Choice has been developed by Team Springwell Experts by Experience at Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, which provides specialist mental health, learning disability and neurodevelopmental services across Sussex.

Team Springwell are a group of people who have a learning disability and complex physical and mental health needs. They work with the Trust to improve services based on their lived experience.

My Home My Choice will raise awareness around the importance of home design for the wellbeing of people with a learning disability and shares ideas to facilitate as much choice and control as possible in their homes.

Viki Baker, Clinical Director for Learning Disability Services at Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust said:

"I'm very excited and proud about the launch of this project by Team Springwell. 

"It's essential for people's wellbeing to have choice in how their homes look and feel and sadly this is often not the case for people with a learning disability - this film aims to help change that."

The My Home My Choice film is part of a tool kit that enables people with a learning disability, their families, carers and provider services to make those choices.

Josh, Expert by Experience, Team Springwell, said:

"People in hospital when they get out, it's important to be listened to about if they want their walls different colours. We might have a learning disability but we're all adults. It's our choice 'My Home My Choice' - make it into your room not anybody else's - that's what we did it for. 

"Hope people will look at it (the film) and watch it and it will give them ideas about what they want their room to be like. Enjoy watching the film and hopefully it will help around Sussex." 

Two films about the project have been launched to help raise awareness, and can be viewed here. 

For more information about Team Springwell and the Learning Disability Participation Programme at Sussex Partnership: