Staff survey results

11 March 2021

The results of the 2020 Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (SPFT) staff survey have been published demonstrating strengths, improvements and areas that need focus.

A strong majority of staff (69%) said they would recommend SPFT as a place to work, 82% agreed that the care of patients/services users is the organisation’s top priority and 88% said the organisation acts fairly in terms of career progression.

The feedback indicated several areas where there have been improvements compared to last year’s results. More staff said the organisation takes positive action on health and wellbeing (40%), there has been a decrease in the number of staff who have experienced bullying or harassment from patients/service users, their relatives or members of the public (31%), and more staff compared to last year said if a friend or relative needed treatment they would be happy with the standard of care provided by the organisation (65%).

Staff feedback highlighted areas that require focus. 43% of staff said they were unable to meet conflicting demands on their time at work, 60% said they were not able to provide the care they aspired to, and the health and well-being results (see above) suggest there is more work to do in this area.

The Trust has taken steps recently to further support staff health and wellbeing by introducing the Staff in Mind confidential NHS service for staff experiencing emotional psychological difficulties. It offers an independent, confidential and rapid mental health well-being assessment and provides priority access to treatment for people who – for whatever reason may be less likely to seek help or may prefer not to access the occupational health and well-being support that’s available. 

Thank you to staff who completed the survey (52% staff). In what has been an exceptional year, the improvements further highlight the resilience and commitment of our staff.  You can access the results, here. 

We welcome the opportunity to address the areas identified for improvement to support our staff and help them to deliver the very best treatment to the people we care for.