SlowMo trial results show promise in helping people with paranoia

25 October 2022

SlowMo is an evidence-based digitally supported therapy for paranoia, which combines face-to-face brief therapy with interactive technology. 

Using a mobile app, People learn to slow down for a moment using personalised safer thoughts which helps people feel safer in daily life.

Therapy was focussed on helping people to become aware of and change fast thinking habits which our previous research has shown to contribute to paranoia. 

This eight-week therapy is assisted by an app downloaded onto a mobile phone. Therapists work with the person to identify their worries, and then help them find ways to slow down and take a moment when they notice their worries. If people can use the app to slow down and take another look at the situation, they can often realise that things aren’t as bad as they first feared or find other ways to manage their worries.

The results indicated that the treatment was effective, in part, by helping people to slow down their thinking and worry less.

SlowMo’s clinically worthwhile results, extremely high satisfaction from people receiving the therapy, strong therapy fidelity and innovative technology means it is suitable for rolling out in the NHS. It will be used in our new SuPER Clinic to optimise and implement SlowMo so more people can benefit from this new therapy in the NHS.

Thanks to Angie Culham who took part in SlowMo and is working with Kathy Greenwood to help share the promising feedback.