Heads On launches primary school mental health project

7 May 2021

Local NHS mental health charity, Heads On, has teamed up with local artist, Amelie Collyer from the Art House Worthing and the Royal Pavilion and Museums Trust to launch a new project called Everyday Smiles, which aims to help young people recognise and celebrate what makes them smile.


Heads On is the official charity of Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust which provides specialist NHS mental health and learning disability services for people of all ages across Sussex, and for children and young people in Hampshire.

Everyday Smiles is an exciting new project that delivers a live, online tutorial, from Amelie Collyer, for young people to recognise and celebrate what makes them smile and create a treasure box to keep them in. The Royal Pavilion and Museums Trust will provide an online tutorial on how to catalogue and remember these memories like they would in a museum.


To launch the project Heads On will provide mental health resources to all participating schools, including a virtual assembly introduction that talks about mental health and wellbeing, and explains how young people can access the Everyday Smiles online live stream. 

Abi Harley, Community and Individuals Fundraiser at Heads On, said:

Here at Heads On, we have received a lot of feedback from schools with concerns for the increasing amount of their pupils displaying anxiety. 

This project gives young people the opportunity to express themselves through creating something artistic and encourages them to really think about things that make them happy in their everyday lives. 

This also gives us the opportunity to provide schools with valuable resources and sign post them to where families can get more support with their children’s mental health.  

Any young person, school or group in Sussex and Hampshire can take part in the project. If you, your child or school would like to find out more and take part in this campaign, please visit the Heads on website or contact headsoncharity@sussexpartnership.nhs.uk.

Heads On rely on the generosity of the local community to continue with their Covid-19 response, supporting people who are most affected by the pandemic. If you would like to make a donation or get involved with fundraising, please visit the Heads on website